Apply for Your Degree and RSVP to Commencement

Graduation and commencement may sound like they’re one and the same, but these terms refer to two different events.

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree. Commencement is the ceremony—with academic attire and “Pomp and Circumstance”—that celebrates graduates receiving their degrees.

Apply for Graduation and RSVP


All students have until April 6, 2020 to apply to graduate to ensure their name is printed in the Commencement Program and to receive a pre-printed MarchingOrder card.


Why Do You Need to Apply?

If you don’t, you will not receive your diploma, nor will the degree be conferred even if you’ve completed all the degree requirements. Even if you don’t plan on attending commencement, you must apply for graduation.

How to RSVP to Commencement

While applying for graduation you will be given the opportunity to RSVP for commencement. All candidates who have completed their associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and post-master’s degree and/or certificate requirements as of August 2020 may participate in the May Commencement ceremony. 

August 2020 Graduates

If you intend to participate in May, you can only do so after completing Summer Open Planning which begins on March 9, 2020.

Please note that participation in the commencement ceremony does not mean you have met all requirements for graduation and are entitled to be awarded a degree. Certification of completion of requirements must be reviewed before a degree is officially awarded.


Diplomas covers are given to students at Commencement. Graduating students who do not attend Commencement can pick up their cover from the Registrar’s office in Levermore Hall, Lower Level or request by email at

Students who are awarded degrees will have their diplomas mailed to their address of record 8–10 weeks after the date of degree conferral. Adelphi University will not issue diplomas to students who have outstanding financial obligations with the University.

Certified electronic diplomas are also available.


For further information, please contact:

Office of the University Registrar
p – 516.877.3300
e –